Take Her Swimming On The First Date, Bro.

We've all seen that viral meme of a before and after makeup look, with the caption "This is why I have trust issues" or "This is why you gotta take her swimming on the first date" So hilarious, cracks me up every time, but you played yourself honey. Really. Good makeup doesn't come off that easily.

Case in point:

Years of doing bridal makeup has taught me how to keep that makeup looking fresh all day long. If anyone needs long lasting makeup, it's certainly a bride. The typical bride starts prepping hair and makeup anywhere around 7am-10am (depending on the size of their bridal party and what time the photographer shows up) Church is usually mid afternoon, with photos taken before, and after (and you know how teary weddings get) Then you have the reception, which of course more photos are taken, a ton of dancing (can you say sweaty!) and most likely some more crying. Sounds tough to keep it on all day right? Wrong! All you need are these next few tips and tricks.

1. Primer: A good primer (both skin and eyeshadow) Priming your skin before foundation fills fine lines and smoothes your skin. My favorite is Make Up For Ever Step 1 My oily skin needs the Mattfying Primer, but they have a bunch of different formulas for different skin types. Priming your eyelids really keeps your shadow on all day by giving the powder something to adhere to. My favorite is Urban Decay Primer Potion I prefer Eden for its nude matte finish since i have dark and oily eyelids, but the Original works just as amazing and keeps your shadow on all day.

2. Foundation: Professionally, I use Temptu Airbrush Foundation, which is silicone based and water-resistant. The silicone based formula is designed to resist hours of of heat and sweat. The silicone allows sweat and oil to pass through without removing the makeup off your face. I swear by airbrush makeup.

3. Eyeliner: Gel based eyeliners are usually waterproof. I love MAC Fluidline, and swear by it. Long lasting and highly pigmented; a tiny amount goes a long way. 

4. Blush: Formula is key here, gel or cream based blushes last longer than powder. Make Up For Ever HD Blush and NARS "The Multiples" are my faves here.

5. Mascara: A waterproof mascara is the obvious winner here. Although, I have cried once or twice in Too Faced Better than False Lashes and it really didn't go anywhere. 

6. Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow is yes, you guessed it, WATERPROOF. It will have your eyebrows looking fleeky all day long.

7. Lipstick: Anything with a Matte finish will last much longer than anything glossy. I LOVE the liquid lipstick trend because those babies do not go anywhere. Limecrime Velvetines are bomb, but if you're looking for something more affordable Colorpop Cosmetics Ultra-Matte Lip are just as amazing. If you're looking for just lip liner, Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip is my favorite.

8. The Finishers: What really helps set everything in, are powders and setting spray. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix are staples. I don't always use setting spray, I wouldn't say use it every single day, but it definitely helps if you're going to an all day event. 

Honey, it's okay to cry your eyes out, whether you're getting married or getting your heart broken, because these little tips will have you looking babelicious all day, even if that fuck-boy wants to take you swimming. You will SLAY all day.